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So glad to read this! And I love that your perfect moment was holding your son's hand and walking along enjoying the flowers. Every week I get to walk with my grandsons holding their hands, and it's a high point of my week.

I wrote my post just before it was published; I was hoping to get a photo of the purple trilliums, but they hadn't quite opened by the time I had to upload the piece. The trees are just barely leafing out here.

Looking forward to see your other meanderings throughout the year!

donald smith


Donald Smith

Used the previous post just to see if it worked. 'Ephemeral' is used, and understood, by me as fleeting, for a short time, usually regretfully. I can't think of 'eels' w/o thinking of that scene in "Love, Actually" swimming after the pages. You have the perfect place for a pet anaconda, the access to water and all. Your puppy would love a playmate. Check the "Unlikely Friends" books. As a former bookseller, I've found I like distributing book even w/o the profit motive. cheers

Donald F Smith

You and the puppy and the anaconda can play 'hide and seek' in the flowers. What fun! Is there way to post photos here? Failed at your article, after succeeding before. cheers


Hi Donald!! So happy to see you here! Are you thinking of Unlikely Friendships (Holland)? She also has one called Unlikely loves.." (Kids book series, looks adorable!) I found the eel scene in the movie... I always think of that violent scene in Harris' book Pompei about eels devouring humans who are pushed into the ponds. I think it was really lampreys and that comes from this? I am such a worry-wort but I have to admit not only do I hate reptiles (not just the dragons but including my mom's tortoises who really are not as innocent as they look) but now eels scare me too!

donald smith

Yes, the Holland books; she tapped a gold mine there. I like where she recounts her pets, and her dismay that they show no interest in hanging-out with her pets of other species. I was going to ask you about a Harris author, Thomas. He mentions that crickets in Japan make a very different, pleasing, sound. Is that accurate? I don't doubt him, but is it noticeable and liked there.

donald smith

Sorry to repost, but lampreys have the round, scraping teeth to hang-on to fish and act like leeches, I think. My sister likes turtles, and I saved an old article from NYTimes mag, maybe. It was about a son who visited his older parents who had a large tortoise in the backyard who would come to him to be scratched and fed when he visited. He thought it was understood by his parents that he would care for the animal if everybody lived to their expected ages. He didn't like it and didn't want it, but was unsure what to do, or if he should mention it. How deep runs your parental reverence?

donald smith

Would never forgive myself if I didn't mention PG Wodehouse and his immortal creations Bertie Wooster and Jeeves. Jeeves has become a meme, which appears in circumstances requiring universal knowledge and sagacity. People as different as George Will and Christopher Hitchens have testified to Wodehouse's appeal. If you know him, you know; if not, what a treat you have coming.


Thankfully, I have a sister who loves cold blooded creatures. She saved half a dozen turtle eggs before the hawks got them at my mom's and is raising the second generation (along with a chameleon or something like that) of "turds" (that's what I call them!) I am confident that she is the best person for the job of raising turds! Yes, yes, and double yes, crickets are very special in Japan... I wrote this last spring --I think the reason is there are multiple kinds of crickets so they create symphony in the grass --in Los Angeles, it is only ever a lonely chirping. I linked to some books in my post. Although, I don't recommend any particularly... though I do love the microseason app. I have never read any Wodehouse. Where should I begin?

donald smith

OMG! I just went to Amazon to get the title of an early Jeeves book and the series was free on Kindle. Do yourself the favor of a lifetime and get that now! You can read a little and get book of one to start if you prefer paper. I was going to post the Guardian review of a Dylan and Neil Young concert but I don't see how; I didn't want to go far offtopic on your last article. Really, get the Jeeves set.


This is the one I was tempted by But are you aware that there is a TV series too?


Will dig out email and be in touch!

donald smith

I typed PG Wodehouse in Amazon and the free kindle appeared first. If you like English humor, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore "Bedazzled", you'll love this. A book of Jeeves short stories is, maybe, the best start, but there is no bad start.I have to go back to 3Q to get this addy because I've never really gotten my 'fav' sites working, all my info comes email. I envy you so much reading these for the first time. I shall have to go to Goodreads, since they got "Eat the Rich" so wrong. cheers

donald smith

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